Electronic publishing is the way to go! Whether it is a product brochure, an annual report with up to 300 pages or a product catalogue, electronic publishing will deliver.


It's a well known fact that more than half the printed brochures produced - normally on high quality paper, stunning photographs, with current information and product detail, and printed at enormous cost - is eventually thrown away!

Annual Reports

While it's a legal requirement for registered companies and public bodies to publish annual reports many organisations do publish 'annual reports' to keep their constituents informed.  However, while providing important financial information, in most cases these documents also provide a window into the organisation's role and impact on the community and enviroment as well as serving as the information source about the organisation.

To achieve this high quality glossy paper is used to help to impress - and printed at great cost!

Product Catalogues

Product catalogues are designed to impress and convey important information - like in the motor trade, while in the retail trade these catalogues are printed in great volume, in both cases at enormous cost.  As the main aim of retail catalogues are increased sales it is clear that if we can enable the client to 'shop while browsing' the catalogue, increased sales will follow.

Pointer's ePublishing Solution

By using ePublishing we will not only cut your cost of publishing/printing but we will enhance the look and feel of your brochure, report or catalogue with good design, animation as well as the ability to 'shop while browsing' by linking it to your online shopping back-end seamlessly - and if you do not have an online shopping facility (yet!) we can deliver the 'client's basket' to you via email or even SMS!

These brochures, reports or catalogues can be added to your website or delivered smartly via SMS or email!  And in every case we will be able to provide you with up to date Management Information!

Gone are the days of throwing away expensive but outdated publications . . .  'cause we will update that brochure, report or catalogue 'on the fly' and as needed!