ePublishing is efficient, cost effective and easy to use


Pointer's ePublishing Solution

By using ePublishing we will not only cut your cost of publishing/printing but we will enhance the look and feel of your brochure, report or catalogue with good design, animation as well as the ability to 'shop while browsing' by linking it to your online shopping back-end seamlessly - and if you do not have an online shopping facility (yet!) we can deliver the 'client's basket' to you via email or even SMS!

These brochures, reports or catalogues can be added to your website or delivered smartly via SMS or email!  And in every case we will be able to provide you with up to date Management Information!

Gone are the days of throwing away expensive but outdated publications . . .  'cause we will update that brochure, report or catalogue 'on the fly' and as needed!

Step one:

Contact us by phone on 0824468058 or by email to discuss your need.

Step two:

We will ask you to provide us with a PDF of the material you want to place in the publication.  We can also create the material if you do not have it available on PDF.

Step three:

We will present you with a draft of your ePublication for your approval.

Step four:

Once approved we will discuss distribution - this might include Email, SMS and/or web based applications.

Step five:

Sit back and enjoy the results.

How do I go about using ePublishing