☛  Creating a database and compiling client lists;

☛   Managing those lists (and the database) by keeping it up to date, in real time;

☛   Creating emails and managing the 'send off' of campaigns;

☛   Creating and managing email projects - customer surveys, invitations to events with RSVP functionality; customer birthday greetings as well as newsletters, promotional flyers, automatic follow-up emails, etc.  (This includes the response from all projects.)

☛   Compiling Management Information on all mailings and projects:

      ✔  Who was involved - who was targeted and who read and reacted to the communication;

      ✔  Who was targeted but failed to receive the communication and why;

      ✔  Who wanted more information and what type of information were they after; and

      ✔  Effectiveness and performance measurements.

58% plus of all 'smart phone' users check their email on the phone more than 54 times a day.  Starting even before they get out of bed in the morning!  (When last did you check your colleague's habits during meetings, or couples in restaurants . . . or even people driving? Most of them are constantly on their phones - and it's not to make a call!).

Pointer Communications created a platform to take care of all the email marketing and communication needs of business and the functionality includes:

Email is the preferred method of communication for individuals and businesse alike!