It is very simple.  No new software or programmes to download or install.  We will provide you with online access to your own part of our platform.

Pointer Email Marketing Platform - how does it work?

Talk to us today, and you can roll-out your ‘state of the art’ communication and marketing platform next week!  It really is the smart thing to do!

Your own email marketing platform for your exclusive use.  This is where you can build mailing lists, a unique client data basis, create stunning emails and newsletters, do surveys and gauge the mood amongst your constituents.

Anything you do requires three steps:

Step one:

We need a list of people we want to target . . . send the emails to.  These can be clients who are new, or have bought a certain product or service; people who made enquiries; etc.  But in every case we need their information ordered into a list with email address, name and surname, contact number, etc.  This is where we build these lists.

Step two:

What do we want to achieve . . . simply provide information or 'call them to action'.  Once we know what we want to achieve we need to create the message.  Are we going to use pictures, text or a combination, are we going to provide additional information outside the message by providing 'read more' links and/or are we going to add 'action buttons'?  This is where we do and test!  Once we are ready we will also SEND from here!

Step three:

Once we have sent the mailing we need to take a breath and determine what happened!  How well did it go?  Who received it?  Who didn't?  Why not? (Stats and names and complete detail in every instance.)  Who bought? Who replied? Who wanted more info and what were they after?  With all of this information we can even build lists of niche interests!

We can generate complete Management Information!

No other marketing channel can do the same!  Email is today's answer!