SMS Marketing

What do people use 'smart phones' (mostly) for?  Recently one expert said: "Stop calling that thing (pointing to a smart phone) a phone, 'cause it's not!"  It's a personal mini computer which happens to have a Phone App, an Email App, an App for browsing the Internet, a GPS App, a Photo App, several Messaging Apps, even a Dating App, and many more!

We have now expanded our service to include SMS marketing and communication.  

As with the Pointer Email Marketing Platform we will provide all of the same services for your SMS marketing, including delivering your email by SMS!

And research has just highlighted the fact that the App used most frequently on that mini computer - the one we call a 'smart phone' - is the Email App, followed closely by a Messaging App - SMSs.

In fact 58% of 'smart phone' users check their emails and messages at least 54+ times per day and this starts even before they get out of bed in the morning!

A real email marketing message!